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alkynedb is designed to be everything I want in a media management / collector program. Saying that, there is a lot I want.

  • all media is workable off-line, meaning after the initial scan the hard drive can be disconnected and the files never need to be accessible to view, edit and update the meta-data. Once the media is found, all meta-data can e written to the file's location if chosen.

  • will be able to scan web databases to collect information for media.

Folder Scanning and Management
  • scan a computer from a given list of folders and find all of the files with the given extensions.
  • be able to do a scan and store hard drive information so if the drive is a different letter or named differently, the file will still be linked to the database.
  • rename and organize the files using tag and custom data.

  • quick and responsive UI that is very pleasant to look at.
  • intricate tag browsing that allows combinations of filtering using different tags and multiple values.
  • multiple views that allow visually pleasant navigation of the database.

Item Management
  • ability to edit all item tags either individual for one item or across multiple items.
  • easy to use tag editor that will allow management of tags: renaming names and merging for both tags and their values.
  • plugin system that allows additions of various modules that will pull data from the media files themselves, like tags from music files and video and audio stream properties from video files.

  • ability to export selected database 'groups' to various applications that support them: audio, video, pictures, games to XBMC with all supported meta-data.
  • ability to edit the individual files using a plugin system: MP3 tag writer that will write in all supported formats, all supported meta-data types for a certain media file.

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