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alkyneDB is a universal digital media manager designed to effortlessly import manage and export media's meta-data. alkyne acts like a middleman between websites, programs, and media ensuring that once you spend time collecting meta-data, it will always be usable.

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With the ever fast changing digital universe, digital media is constantly changing files and formats. Revisions for media container are released everyday, adding new features and data which weren't there before. And with this revision comes the user spending countless hours updating their library to match the latest and greatest, or forfeiting these new features because of the costly time commitment. We should control our media, not the other way around.

This is why alkyneDB was created. Think back to the day when MP3s first began to be used. The only tags anyone cared for were artist, album, title and genre. Then color MP3 players came out that could display album art. Desktop clients started using this to display art in players and in widgets. Now imagine updating your library album by album, with correct album art, making sure the scrapper would choose the right CD and format it the way that you want. alkyneDB is intended to do this for you. The alkyneDB database already has all the information possible for your MP3s. Song title, release date, artists, instrument credits, source release type, album art, jacket art, insert art, lyrics, anything anyone could possible want to know about a song can be put into the database. Then when a new revision of the MP3 container comes around, or a program like XBMC which displays extra information, your source files (the actual mp3s) can be updated with a click of a button. The new tags written and no fuss on your part.

Since everything is cataloged it is also readily available. Want to know what music an artist contributed to (even produced or maybe played triangle in that one song). Easy with alkyneDB. All the information is at your fingertips for your to explore and learn more about everything you enjoy.

alkyneDB is a digital file management and organization program. It can take any kind of file that you have on your computer: movies, tv shows, songs, albums,audio recordings, books, research papers, comics, games, programs, anything. If it is on your computer, chances are it can be organized. Then it allows you to manipulate that data to either enrich your everyday use of that file, or to have a reference containing all the information about a certain file. Then easy to use and immersive browsing and organization methods are used to allow you to explore and enjoy your media in ways you never imagined.

You may ask why is this any different from any of the other media managers out there. alkyneDB is not just for some media, it is all media. The idea behinds alkyne is to make it as flexible as possible so that if someone wanted to use alkyne as a phonebook, they would easily be able to. Or if someone wanted to export their data to a program that I don't know about, they could easily run the export tool and have their data working effortlessly.

Currently this program is in very early development so actual use is strongly discouraged. Of course I would like you to use it and give me your feedback, because I want to make this the best software it can be. Make it the most accessible, easiest to use, and have most mileage I can. I will be the only one working on this project and I have to juggle this with all the other things in life so I may not spend as much time as I want working on this, and I am not the best programmer so development may be slow. I will try to set deadlines and I will work hard to meet them.

I am a novice programmer. I never officially learned any programming and everything I know I figured out by looking on the internet or with the help of Visual Studio's IntelliSense. alkyneDB is written in C# & .Net4. Feel free to look at the code and learn, or even show me some pointers and tell me a better way to do somethings.

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